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 Alberlan Barros from Pexels

The Infinite Habitat Boardgame

A customizable board game created through the support of the University of Calgary's PURE program for classrooms and other youth spaces made to reflect the youth playing, spur discussions around space, science, society, or as creative prompt. The more opportunities students and youth of diverse non dominant identities have to engage in visions of the future and reflect on their identities in a non homogenized way paves the way for growth and reflection opportunities.

Download Infinite Habitat

Four or Five players race to build a habitat before the first inhabitants arrive using imagery chosen by the players ahead of time to create a sense of immersion.

A customizable boardgame to spur discussions around space, science, society or as creative prompt.

4 or 5 player game

Approximately 15 minutes

Setting up the customized pieces!

The youth playing get to decide on the images for the main pieces. Getting the pieces ready requires a little bit of expertise in PowerPoint. Follow the link for a handy, dandy tutorial video on getting the pieces customized before printing.

Youtube Tutorial on Customizing Pieces


Playing the game!

Once your students or youth are ready to play, you or they can watch a quick introduction to game mechanics and play.

Youtube tutorial on playing first few turns

Preliminary Research

Places this research has been discussed coming soon.

Image by vnwayne fan

Photo by vnwayne fan on Unsplash

Special Thanks

Thank you to the University of Calgary's Taylor Institue for Teaching and Learning for accepting my application for The Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE)  and Dr. Beaumie Kim for sponsoring and supervising my research. For more information on the PURE program please visit:

PURE Awards | Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning | University of Calgary (

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